Web Services

Website and Custom Programs

Internet interactive marketing is a critical element in customer communication and an excellent strategic fit for utilities:

Inside's services include everything from website startup to monthly maintenance. Inside provides regular reports including statistics from traffic on the website as well as recommendations on how to maximize your online presence.

Our content management system, which resides on PCI-compliant servers, includes a powerful built-in bulk email system. The system provides instant statistical feedback like open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribes. If multiple links are in the e-mail, the statistical system will automatically break down click-through ratios between them. 

In addition, the system "dark page" outage feature. During storms and outages, clients can provide customers with an alternative landing page (dark page) that provides quick and useful outage related content. Simply click a checkbox to disable and revert your website back to normal operation.

Web Services Features

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