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That my husband Derick would be completely saved and made brand new in Christ. That all generational curses with my husband, me and our children would be broken. That our love and communication would be filled with patience and grace. That our marriage would lasting til death do us part would be a testament and example for those around us. That my husband and I relationship be seen as the type of God filled relationship our kids want in their future. That God would provide for us financially and abundantly so that we can help others constantly and freely. That God would allow us to live close to my family forever and my husband be happy to do so because we are able to travel whenever to see his family. Bless our marriage bed and allow us to love each other like Christ loves the church. Heal me and allow us through love have more healthy mobile strong smart beautiful children together. Protect my families health and safety when we go out of our home and in home. Amen

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