We Herd the Cats So You Don’t Have To

We Herd the Cats So You Don’t Have To

March 16, 2023 by Lauren Salazar, Research Director

 Of the many things I learned from working for an electric cooperative, wearing multiple hats has to be at the top. The “marketing person” at a co-op could be a one-man band, tasked with any number of duties from communications, public relations, community outreach, graphic design and so forth. I know from experience that those who have a department consider themselves lucky. Even if you have additional personnel, so many last-minute things can arise, you may feel like a bona fide cat herder.

At Inside Information, we herd the cats, so you don’t have to.

We come alongside your team, as an extension of your own staff, to take pressure off where you need it. Whether that’s from preparing emergency storm communication in advance of the storm, building a new member welcome series with dynamic content to identify interest in products and services, communicating fiber construction, or identifying high-energy users to target for energy efficiency programs – we’ve got you covered. We do the leg work – conducting research so you can make data-informed decisions, pulling and filtering all the lists, and handling printing and distribution.

We wrangle complex projects to combine your ideas with data, communications, and technology so you can stay on track.

Save time by allowing us to crunch the numbers and present your data on customized dashboards. Improve member satisfaction by keeping your finger on the pulse with transactional surveys to view near real-time feedback from recent member experiences. We can highlight your most-important metrics, and you can drill down to specific member comments.

We would be honored to partner with you for whatever lies ahead, or strays from the herd.

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