The Cooperative Difference You're Looking For

The Cooperative Difference You're Looking For

February 10, 2023 by Lauren Salazar, Research Director

Co-ops operate differently from municipalities and investor-owned utilities, and their employees have an entirely different frame of mind. We don't need to tell you that co-ops exist entirely to serve their member-owners. Co-ops are continually focused on improving quality of life in their communities often by offering additional services like fiber broadband, renewable energy options and energy efficiency programs.

Look No Further

With so many initiatives, co-ops are looking for help in the marketing and communications department. Have you ever onboarded a new contractor or agency and realized it's more work on you because you have to catch them up to speed on cooperatives? At Inside Info, we know and love co-ops. We have more than 50 years of combined experience working for electric cooperatives and nearly 30 years serving them with customized solution services.

 HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Marketing Manager Kacey Thelen said, that we helped her small department expand their marketing efforts and that we “feel like an extension of our own staff members."

Maintain Member Focus with Transactional Surveys

We'll help you maintain your member focus while taking a deeper dive into understanding members' attitudes, behaviors, and preferences with proven data-driven analytics. We can establish transactional surveys to gauge member experiences in areas such as member services, outages, new connections, energy audits, fiber installs, and more. Then, view member data in customized dashboards for simple accessibility and easily contact members who have issues or have expressed concern.

Co-Mo Connect Director of Member Care Corey ten Bensel stated, "Inside Information helped us mine the data and develop a plan to get and interpret the data to improve the experience, enhance the process, and interaction when we add members to the system.”

Develop And Automate Custom Email Series

Through data acquisition and list development, we can establish a robust email marketing program with automated email series for new members, fiber acquisition and retention, and customized monthly e-newsletters reducing your workload. We stay abreast of new design and email marketing trends, so you don't have to. Our proven strategy increases brand awareness and allows you to regularly connect with members while increasing leads and website visitors.

We know you have many goals to tackle this year, and there's no room for slowdowns. Let us be part of your co-op's vision to set you up for success! Contact us today.

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