What Matters Most to Your Members?

What Matters Most to Your Members?

January 4, 2023 by Lauren Salazar, Research Director

Electric cooperatives have been around for generations – longer than many have been alive. Yet, co-ops are changing, dramatically so in the past decade. With an ever-changing political environment, green initiatives, fiber broadband advancements, and the growth of the electric vehicle industry, understanding your members is now more important than ever. What are the issues that matter most to your cooperative members?

There’s a famous quote by W. Edwards Deming, an American engineer, statistician, and author, that states, “In God we trust. All others must bring data.”

With an all-member survey, you’ll have access to an entire database of information for relationship management to improve operations, target marketing and other communications. Your co-op can measure success as well as identify opportunities and potential issues.

General demographic data is simple to obtain, but what about your members’ true interests and behaviors? We can help identify those and enhance your marketing strategy with a data append. With the additional information, you’ll be able to fill in the gaps, create look-a-like audiences, and much more.

All-member surveys help set a baseline and identify potential strategic initiatives. You can even take your data one step forward with our custom data visualization dashboards for a comprehensive overview of your membership.   

At Inside Info, we know cooperatives and have been serving them for nearly thirty years. Not only will we help you gather your members’ data, but we’ll be with you every step of the way. We provide custom email marketing, member journey mapping, print campaigns and so much more. We can even help you quantify the value of your survey.

We’d love the opportunity to help you gain valuable insights and be an extension of your staff. Book a time below to get started writing your success story.

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