When Confronted with Complex Problems, Be Prepared

When Confronted with Complex Problems, Be Prepared

July 14, 2022 by Julie Elliott, President

We all know these are unprecedented times in the utility business. Problems are complex, and we can categorize our response to them in two groups: Things we can’t control and things we can. I want to share how Inside Information is passionate about helping cooperatives be prepared in those areas we can control.

When it comes to educating and engaging members about what’s impacting their cooperative, it’s imperative to be able to send the right message to the right member at the right time. To do that, you need content, data, and manpower.


We help our clients by creating succinct member communication.

  • By breaking big topics into bite-size messages, members are more likely to connect with key takeaways. These messages can be planned in advance and ready to use as needed.
  • We focus primarily on targeted communication which supplements mass channels like print publications and advertising for a cohesive approach.
  • Not one size fits all, the messages are segmented based on member demographics, interests, engagement, etc., which is where data comes in…


Data drives communication now more than ever, and this idea has been the cornerstone of our business since even before the internet existed when Inside was founded back in 1995. We collect and manage data that is key to our clients’ success. Here are examples of matching message to members:

  • Using sub and circuit data to target outage messages.
  • Pulling mid-size commercial member list by revenue code and sending a peak alert message tailored to businesses.
  • Linking legislative district to CIS data and encouraging members to contact their legislator to thank them for a co-op friendly position or express concern if the legislator has a position that would negatively impact co-ops and their members.


The roadblock to being prepared to respond to changing times is not usually a lack of understanding; it’s a lack of staff. We consult and strategize with our clients but instead of advising them what to do, we do the work of continually enriching member data and executing campaigns.

We like how our buddy Terry Mullen of West Florida Electric Cooperative said it: “They (Inside Info) have become a seamless extension of our staff that we can depend on for assistance in many areas of our day-to-day operations.”

Co-ops haven’t been known to shrink back during tough times. In fact, they have a reputation of rising to the occasion. At Inside Information, we would be honored to partner with you to be prepared for whatever lies up ahead.

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