You CAN Teach Old Dogs New Tricks!

You CAN Teach Old Dogs New Tricks!

October 5, 2021 by Julie Elliott, President

Lately, I’ve been proud of myself for learning new things. I tell our team, “You can teach an old dog new tricks.” In response to my declaration of a newfound skill, one (millennial) team member recently replied, “yeah, middle school me really liked that feature.”

The old dog adage probably originated from the fact that dogs, young or old, can teach us much about life. At Inside Info, we also became aware – and inspired – by the insights dogs provide to co-ops too. So much so, that we documented what great co-ops and great dogs have in common, and that mailer is headed to mailboxes soon.

Keith Kaderly is a co-owner of inside but he’s also a dog trainer. We feature Keith (and his dogs) along with tips from his training that apply to the strategies of understanding and engaging members, and those axioms include:

We’ll be sharing these tidbits in the future along with photos of our clients and their pups too, so watch for these fun features in your mailbox and inbox soon. In the meantime, catch a sneak peek of one of our dog stories of Keith and “Sparkles” and check out our staff best friend posts.

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