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Missed one of our In the Loop webinar sessions? No problem, watch them below! 

Turning Data Into Action - Dashboard Insights

8/4/2017 - In an increasingly "on demand" world, how do cooperatives more quickly access and respond to member needs? At Inside Information, we believe the process involves three simple steps: 1. Ask for members' input 2. Audit their responses 3. Act where required. Mark your calendars for our In the Loop Webinar August 2 where we'll showcase how our clients are using dashboard interaction to: 

  • Streamline access to data
  • Interact with ongoing surveys to find key insights 
  • Utilize results for customer service and program follow up

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The Stuff We Do

12/14/2016 - Inside Information has helped cooperatives for more than 21 years yet most folks - even our clients - don’t know everything we do.  In this webinar, we explain our broad range of services and share the simple ways we expand the efficiency of our clients’ member engagement efforts.

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Implementing Member Tracking Surveys

8/24/2016 - Measuring member satisfaction through ongoing surveys. Every member interaction is an opportunity to continually improve the member experience. Topics included survey design and implementation, interactive dashboard reporting, using results to coach employees and member follow up opportunities

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ADA: Moving Forward

3/31/2016 - Americans with Disabilities web compliance. We also shared lessons learned from assisting our clients in the ADA compliance process.

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Anatomy of a Campaign 

2/18/2016 - Designing, conducting and analyzing a member communication campaign. Jim Sayers and Marena Fritzler of Corn Belt Power, Humboldt, IA shared a case study that demonstrated how investing in an energy efficiency promotion can yield huge savings (hint: enough to power 17 homes for an entire year!) 

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Google Analytics

12/8/2016 - Our first ever In the Loop webinar discussed the topic of Google Analytics. We answer the questions: What the heck is Google Analytics? How do we set it up for our website? Could we un-complicate the reporting options? What can we do with the information?

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